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Have you lost your transponder key and are less than willing to pay the high cost that your dealer charges? If your answer is yes, then call Locksmiths Mascot today.

At Locksmiths Mascot, we provide affordable pricing on transponder key programming and replacements. Having your transponder key replaced by a dealer can cost you hundreds of dollars, which may be simply too high, regardless of how important your transponder key is to you.

From their introduction from the car manufacturing industry, transponder keys have been a great one for many reasons.

  • The complexity of the system makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your vehicle and get their hands on your possessions that you have left inside.
  • Transponder keys are more than just a regular key, as they do provide a higher level of security and safety.

When it comes to the replacement and reprogramming of transponder keys, only someone qualified should be chosen to carry out the job. The complexity of the transponder key and the fact that the programming of your transponder key’s microchip is done to match the computer system of your vehicle, makes it hard, and in many cases impossible, for just a regular locksmith to carry out and complete the task of reprogramming or replacing a transponder key.

Taking this information into consideration, you should always ensure that the locksmith you have chosen to replace your transponder key is qualified to do so. This will prevent you from causing damage to your vehicle or messing with the programming of your car’s computer system.


Why many choose Locksmiths Mascot

Choosing a locksmith is something that many people don’t take lightly, especially when they are looking to have a job carried out that is as complicated as having transponder keys replaced.

Having done the research and upon hearing about the exceptional services provided by Locksmiths Mascot, choosing us is an easy decision and one that will not harbor regrets.

Outside of the fact that our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience, we pride ourselves on our professionalism as well as our great customer service. When in a tough spot because of losing your transponder key, the last thing that you need is the deal with a company that is unfriendly, incompetent or both. However, when doing your business with Locksmiths Mascot you will only get the best and you will be left with a great feeling and also a functioning transponder key. And as if that weren’t enough, you will also be happy that paying for your new transponder key doesn’t require you to empty your wallets the way you would have to, had you chosen to go for your dealer.

When in an emergency, and in dire need of having your transponder key replaced quick, ensure that you have our number on hand so that the process will be a speedy one.

Having contacted us, you will have a qualified locksmith sent to your desired location and prepared with all the necessary equipment to have your transponder key replaced or your problem key functioning once again. Being available 24 hours a day means that no matter what time your emergency occurs, there will be a professional at Locksmiths Mascots available to assist you.


Why Locksmiths Mascot should be your first choice

When looking for an affordable option, Locksmiths Mascot is where your eyes need to settle. Competitive prices and exceptional service are what we have to offer. Select a locksmith that knows their job inside and out and is fully trained and qualified to program your transponder key to the highest of standards, choose Locksmiths Mascot.

  • All of our locksmiths are fully licensed
  • Whether it’s the weekend or a public holiday, we will be there when you need us
  • You can call us night or day, a locksmith will be available around the clock
  • We have years of experience in replacing and programming transponder keys
  • We are affordable, you won’t have to deal with the high prices your car dealer charges
  • We are quick to action
  • There are no hidden fees


Contacting Locksmiths Mascot is easy:

Give us a call at: 0420 982 275
or email us at:


A representative at Locksmiths Mascot will be happy to take your call and answer each and every question that you have. Join the many who have chosen Locksmiths Mascot as their go to transponder key locksmith and you to will experience the exceptional service that we have to offer.

By contacting an agent at Locksmiths Mascots you will be able to receive a free quote and thus get an idea of what it would cost to have your transponder key placed.

See for yourself that we do indeed offer some of the lowest prices in town!