How to Save Yourself from Getting Locked Out in Mascot

Posted on October 14th, 2016

A daily day involves waking early in the morning, getting ready, going to work, come home dead tired, cook, eat and go to sleep. If you have children, there’s another level of energy required. Now, with all these things happening, you, somehow, lock yourself out of your home, how would that feel?
More or less, every one of us has faced such similar issues. Calling Mascot Locksmiths, waiting for them, spending on something that you already have, is totally waste of time, energy and money. This is one of the most common problems we deal with nearly every day. At Locksmiths Mascot, we provide Emergency Locksmith Services to Mascot and its surrounding areas. However, calling us for emergency is not always the solution. So, how will you prevent yourself from getting locked out? Here are some useful tips you may find handy.

Allow that extra key to travel with you, everywhere

Whether you reside in a rented house or at your own home, it is always helpful to carry an extra key. Keep the another key inside your bag or in your briefcase. You can also hide one key in your car. If you are not keen to carry additional keys with you, hide it somewhere in your property. Make sure it is well hidden and not among the most common hiding places.

Provide an additional key to your trusted neighbour or to your nearby relative

Are you close to your neighbour? Or do you have a relative living near your place? Provide any one of them with an additional key. It is the safest way for you not to get locked out of your house.

Hide your key in the most unconventional places

If you are thinking of hiding your extra key within your property, then think of the most unconventional places. For instance, you can hide your key under the dog house in your backyard. You can also hide it among the variety of rocks in your garden. However, it is best to give the extra key to your trusted neighbour or relative nearby your place.


Faulty places to hide your key

The most common places are the faulty ones to hide your keys. These are the locations where burglars know by heart. Some of the locations are:
• Under the welcome mat
• Inside your letter box
• Inside your car dashboard
• Under a flower pot near your front door
It is always better to be safe than sorry. Always keep your keys together, near the door where it is easy to grab before leaving the house in hurry. And don’t slam the door, think and check before you do!