About Us

As the premier locksmiths in the Mascot area, we are responsible for the safety of our clients. When it comes to scheduled visits and installations, as well as emergencies, our team of experienced and skilled locksmiths is ready to aid you with whatever it may take for you to feel comfortable and safe again. With no limitation of our services to residential areas, we are more than happy to satisfy your needs for a local locksmith when your business or vehicle are concerned.

Throughout many years of service in the Mascot area, we have made valuable connections and served countless customers who were in need for a skilled locksmith with the capability to react fast and professionally. Our team members had been called into uncomfortable situations and served as the first response after break-ins and other uncomfortable situations. Through these experiences, we are now able to say that there is nothing that could shock us. No matter what the situation that you are in may be, we would be honored to stand by your side and aid you with our services. Our experience is the driving force behind our ongoing success in the Mascot area and well beyond. For additional information about our prior experience and expertise when it comes to a service that you require, simply contact one of our team members.

Whether it is a lost key or even more serious situations, our seasoned emergency teams are ready to respond. Equipped with top notch equipment to be able to deal with any situation, you can be sure that we will assist you with our emergency service no matter what your problem may be. We are available throughout the nights and holidays to immediately deal with troublesome situations that you may find yourself in. We can copy keys for you, let you into your home or vehicle when you have left your keys or change your locks when your keys have been stolen. After all, we want you to be able to feel comfortable. That is why we pride ourselves on our quick response times and professional conduct that can immediately take the serious out of desperate situations. If you are currently experiencing an emergency that calls for the likes of a locksmith or if you want to know whether we are the right locksmiths to save in your phone book for emergency situations then find out more by calling us now.

As a proud part of the business community of Mascot, we try to do our part in creating a safer environment for businesses throughout the area. Whether you are planning to open a business and aren’t sure if there are any additional keys in circulation or if your business has been broken in before and you feel like your company’s security has been compromised, we can help you quickly and efficiently. Between exchanging your locks and finding you an individual security solution for your business that guarantees your safety, as well as that of your employees and products, we are the first ones you should approach should you start to feel unsafe. We have helped countless businesses with their security holes and created safer work environments for owners and staff alike. We offer optimal security solutions at affordable prices and easy means to obtain a quote.

With our highly trained, professional and friendly staff, we have created a reputation in the Mascot area that precedes us. With every job that we attend to, Locksmiths Mascot instates years of confidence in the work we perform. We believe that doing the work is only half of the service that should be provided. While other service providers may find it acceptable to be friendly only when deemed necessary, our team members are always representing us, and thus, are always showing our clients the greatest amount of respect. We respect your privacy and, therefore, strive to finish our job at your home, vehicle or other personal space as fast as possible, so that you can feel comfortable again. It is part of our mission to set a new, higher standard every day, for both ourselves and all other professionals of our industry. You can find out how friendly and professional we really are by getting in contact with one of our representatives today.

In emergency situations, as well as for general information or the scheduling of visits and installations, you can reach us by calling 0420 982 275 or e-mailing us to info@locksmiths-mascot.com.au. Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to provide you with all of the information you require and schedule an appointment for the visit of one of our locksmith teams. We will also gladly provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your required locksmith service and additional information that will bring our services closer to you.