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If you have ever lost the key to your property, or have had to deal with a break in, then you certainly are aware of the importance of locksmiths and the services they provide you with. But, are all locksmiths the same? No, they are not!

Why Choose Locksmiths Mascot

There are many areas in which locksmiths differ. These areas vary from the experience they have to the services that they provide, as well as the prices they charge as well as the equipment they use to carry out their locksmith duties. When deciding on a locksmith you want a company that puts you first, a company that has years of experience and sufficient training to carry out the job the way that it needs to be performed.

For a company that is more than just a regular locksmith company, choose Locksmith Mascot. Each of our trained locksmiths goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely and utterly satisfied with the jobs they perform.

We, at Locksmiths Mascot are capable of securing your home, as well as your commercial space and we, are also able to assist you in emergency situations where you may need a new key or perhaps added safety for your property.

When you secure one of our locksmiths, you secure a locksmith that comes fully prepared, and knows just what they’re doing as our locksmiths are trained and qualified in home, residential and commercial locksmith solutions and they take customer service seriously.


How we can help to secure your home

In today’s day and age, you can never be too safe, or too cautious. Whether you are dealing with trying to add security to your office or residence, it is important that the company you choose is extremely professional as this will not only allow the job to run smoothly, but also give you the satisfaction of knowing that the services you were provided with are top of the line.

If one of the measures that you are looking at in terms of securing your home include the installation of a security system, then we’re the right company to have your state of art system set up for you.

Only using the highest quality products and offering you the best, we can incorporate a surveillance system in your home or your office that is infallible.

One of the security systems that we can offer you is CCTV, closed-circuit television, this way you are able to keep better track of who is going out and who is coming in your office throughout the day.
In the case of an emergency, you will have the chance of being able to review this footage and thus, you are able to acquire the information you need in order to take action.

The system can also be added to your personal residence in order to up the security that you currently have.


What else can we do for your office

  • We can install high-security locks for your office, minimizing the risk of intrusion
  • We can provide you with high-quality safes to store all your important documents
  • We can install an intercom, taking the technology that your office has to the next level
  • We can incorporate a panic bar, which you can use in the case of an emergency

What we can do for your home

  • We can correctly install deadbolts, as well as check if the deadbolts that you currently have are fitted to the right standards
  • We can install locks for your gun cabinet
  • We can provide you with security systems


Why choose us

When you want the best in top security solutions, you want Locksmiths Mascot. We ensure that only the most qualified professionals are in charge of the installation of their desired systems and thus we are the obvious choice. Our reliability is what keeps your clients coming back, whenever they have a locksmith emergency that they need taken care of. Being in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week and also operating on public holiday’s means that whenever our clients need our assistance, we are able to provide it.

As price is always a factor when choosing a locksmith, our customers have peace of mind that they receive the most competitive and affordable pricing in town. When topped with exceptional commercial, residential, auto and emergency locksmith services, the combination is a winning combination.

We are the locksmiths for you. Give us a call today and speak with one of our friendly representatives about the systems you would like installed in your home or office.

You can contact us at: 0420 982 275
or you can email us at: info@locksmiths-mascot.com.au

Choose the locksmiths who care when you choose Locksmith Mascot.